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A hotel with history

From 1955-1956, an industrialist from Madrid, D. Francisco Estrela, fell in love with the city of Dénia, searched for one of the best plots on which to build a beach hotel, a pioneer like few others, since at that time the most sought-after land was not at all on the beach-front. He chose 100 of the best meters of beach front property on Las Marinas Beach.

The four kilometers on which the hotel is located is probably among one of the most highly valued for various reasons: clean beaches, beautiful sea life, and an important point of reference for fishermen and divers.

In 1959, the construction of a small hotel began; it was built in several stages. On completion, in 1961, it consisted of 58 rooms, forty of which had sea view, and 18 of which had a view of the southern part of the hotel and of Montgó Mountain (at that time, only rooms with sea views had terraces).

The hotel’s opening period was, in those years, very short: it only opened for about four months per year, from Holy Week to September.

It was in 1964 that Antonio Sellés, father of the current director and owner, left management at a hotel in Benidorm, and returned to his hometown to take over management of Hotel Los Ángeles. Two years later, he would marry Maruja Martinez, and they would run the hotel, building their family and lives around it.

In the sixties, he had already worked with national and international clients. During the summer months, many clients from Madrid would come to the hotel, and July would see more French visitors.

The greatest pride of both the Sellés family and the hotel team, is to be able to greet, year after year, those families whose loyalty to the hotel is demonstrated by their return. This fidelity and tradition, passed from parents to children, fills us with satisfaction.

We also extend our thanks to customers who have recently come to know the hotel. We hope to make you feel equally welcome.

In 1983 the Sellés family became owners of the hotel. Since then, there has been a single premise: “the commitment to improve year after year”. All profits obtained, through much effort, have been invested in the improvement of the hotel. The number of reforms and enhancements that have been made through the years are proof of their commitment.

Shortly thereafter, the location of the restaurant was changed. It was moved to the area where, initially, the bar-cafeteria was located, leaving the old kitchen as a storage area. The dining area was also modified to allow more space for the entrance hall.

In the nineties the hotel reception area was transformed. Initially, it was located next to the stairs, leading to guest rooms. A new, more strategically-located reception area was built next to the entrance door to the hall.

The main change in this decade was made in 1994-1995. During this period of time, hotel rooms were completely renovated, leaving only the pillars, in order to make major changes to the sixty rooms, the bathrooms, corridors, etc. The south façade of the hotel also changed, to include a terrace in each room.

The second important renovation was in 2002-2003, a year in which the hotel’s capacity was increased. Nineteen new rooms were built, eleven of them on the third floor, beautifully and superbly located penthouse suites, facing the sea.

Although most years major changes were not made, the smallest details of both interior and exterior decoration have been attended to every year. Highlights, for example, include the restaurant’s wine cellar, the pergola by the sea, the beach bar and the carefully tended gardens and terraces on both sides of the hotel.

In 2005 a seafront pool was built.

In 2006, apart from improvements made to woodwork, lighting and room furniture, the symbol of the hotel, the entrance, was cared for. This was done in order to welcome guests as they deserve, with beautiful masonic walls, a cobbled, illuminated floor, a pergola with space to park the cars in the shade and a lovely fountain to cool warm, southern summer evenings.

In line with its quality excellence, the hotel obtained the “Q” seal of Tourism Quality, and is currently the only hotel in Dénia to maintain such a distinction.