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A gastronomic offering
to match the most discerning palates.

Federico Guajardo


Under the expert guidence of our Chef Federico Guajardo, Hotel Los Ángeles’ restaurant proposes cuisine based on the identifying traits of the highest quality local product, the culture and traditions of La Marina Alta region.

Traditional products mixed with freshly flayed fish, our wines paired with the meat and vegetables from our land, together with delicacies in the stove, make our restaurant’s gastronomic offering on par with the most discerning palates.

We commune with the flavors, innovation and tradition. Each morning and night we breathe in the smiles and aromas that cause us to evaluate and enhance Dénia’s gastronomy with tireless eyes. It is creative cookery, nourished by the effort and joy we find in our work. Then, come the beach and the diners, which together form a perfect fusion to create a new dish each day. This is Hotel Los Ángeles’ kitchen. This is the kitchen for the senses.

Information and reservations

Tel.- 965 786 072 – 965 780 458


Christian Santiago Logacho Ordóñez

Head of fish preparation


Hearing: The sound of the fish when on the grill

Sight: The aesthetics of the dishes prepared

Smell: When the garlic is sauteed

Taste: Paella socarrat ( the crunchy rice at the bottom of the pan)

Touch: The texture of the fish

Passion: listening to music, dancing and watching football

Bernardo Ortega Crespo

Head of rice dishes


Hearing: The sound of smoldering wood

Sight: The color of fresh fish

Smell: The smell of aromatic spices

Taste: Food prepared on the grill

Touch: The sensation of the grains of rice

Passion: cooking, music and countryside

Daniel Todorov

Head of meat preparation


Hearing: hearing that customers are happy with the work we do ……

Sight: when the timing of service is perfect

Smell: The aroma of the grill

Taste: Grilled octopus with wood oil

Touch: The texture of the steak

Passion: playing football and reading cookbooks

Sonia Nikolova Florava

Position: head of appetizers and desserts


Hearing: Listening to the radio

Sight: The smiles of coworkers

Smell: Lemon, chocolate and coffee

Taste: Bread and chocolate

Touch: Water

Passion: Reading and Cinema

Federico Guajardo

Head Chef


Hearing: Listening to the rice “socarrat”

Sight: Dénia red shrimp

Smell: The aroma of orange blossoms

Taste: Blood orange sorbet

Touch: The mace of the cocas

Hobbies: being with my family, cycling and constrantly trying to improve